Approved Canada Digital Adoption Advisors

Boost your Business Efficiency and Growth through Technology Adoption

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We provide comprehensive services to modernize your business. As Approved Digital Advisors we are helping you on your journey through the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).

The Canada Digital Adoption Program can help get your business get started with funding, digital assessments and a plan that moves your business forward.

As a Private Canadian business with a minimum 500k gross annual revenue and less than 500 employees you can qualify for CDAP Boost Your Business Technology that gives you access to

  • $15,000 digital adoption advisory services grant
  • $100,000 interest-free BDC loan
  • $7,300 Youth placement grant

to empower your business towards digital transformation and modernization.

Our experienced transformation advisors help you apply for the grant and set up your business for success on its digital journey to

  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Speed up transactions
  • Respond to clients more quickly
  • Manage inventory more efficiently
  • Improve supply chain logistics

Take advantage of CDAP funding to upgrade your business, upskill your workforce and create work opportunities for young Canadians.


Great performance drives great Business outcomes

Being successful in business is hard work. Being smart in business is about making the right decisions at the right time.

Serving ones customers first and foremost is the reason to exist for every committed business.

Efficiency, reliability, dependency, relationships, essential performance of either business or technical nature are everyday challenges. Fortunately there are solutions.

Prestige Performance Consulting provides a wealth of solutions enabling small businesses, enterprises, corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurs to be better at how they are doing business and why they are doing it.
Let your business leverage the right choice of tools to operate efficiently and profitably. With our comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions you get the expertise and the support you need to execute on your mission effectively, SMART, successfully.

Talk to us about your business, we are here to listen.


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