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Prestige Supplier & Business Risk management

large_MP900438797.JPGIs your business getting the most value out of its supplier and vendor relationships?

Have you found your suppliers to be dependable?

Have you been delayed? Are your customers dissatisfied? Have you lost customers?

Have compromised operations, loss of productivity, reliability, trust impacted your margins?

Last but not least is your business in urgent need of change but does not have the time or knowledge how?

Every business relationship is associated with a certain degree of risk.

Prestige Risk management enables your business to reduce its cost to operate and deliver, improve its responsiveness to customers and gain long-term return of investment in its supplier and partner relationships.

Our portfolio of risk management services focuses on those key areas of concern

Supplier Risk Management

  • Addresses supplier induced reliability constraints
  • Implements pragmatic management practices and produces higher value from suppliers
  • Facilitates contractual negotiations
  • Creates end-to-end business benefit and competitive advantage

Operational Risk Management

  • Identifies and mitigates broken processes in day to day activities
  • Discovers internal and external liability factors
  • Detects security risk that pose a threat to your business and your customers
  • Addresses compliance and liability risks
  • Provides your business with continuity for the unexpected

Delivery Risk Management

  • Mitigates financial and customer impact through early detection
  • Resolves dependencies that drive quality and timeliness

For integrated risk management also see our Project & Portfolio Management capabilities


Please contact us to learn how Prestige Risk Management can help your business worry less and do more.